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Calming Pet Bed

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Reduce pet anxiety with our legendary Calming Pet Bed! šŸ’¤

Designed by ourĀ brilliantĀ petĀ therapists to improve yourĀ pet's quality of life.Ā 

1) Calms down your pet.

The high raised wallsĀ create a deep sense of security. This helps activate the nervous system in a positive way, which then allows your fur kids to calm down faster and improve well-being.

2) More effective sleep.

Floating in ourĀ extremely comfortable pet bed results in much moreĀ effective sleep.Ā Our soft padded centreĀ givesĀ fantasticĀ comfort, great for the joints,Ā whileĀ promotingĀ yourĀ pet to sink into their deep sleep.

3)Ā Soothing mother fur.

Our softĀ faux furĀ imitates theirĀ mother's fur, assistingĀ them toĀ relax and feel at ease.Ā Super for kittens and rescue pets. Cats love suckling and kneading our beds.

4) Great for most pets.

A super remedy for pets who are home alone all day.Ā Ā Does your cat meow non stop, your dog frequently bark, or have irrational mood swings? Your fur baby could easily be stressed. This is the best bed for them. A simple addition of our Calming Pet BedĀ could truly improve your pets life.

Vacuum rolled for cost effective shipping. Simply shake out the bed on arrival.

The donut centre is bigger on the bigger sizes to fit bigger babies. For reference below, the left is 60cm and the right is 50cm.Ā This is absolutely not a bean bag.

Check our padding and material close up video by clicking on the image:

Video showing the calming dog bed and calming cat bed dimensions and materials


Please expect slower delivery at your local carrier (eg USPS) due to covid19 restrictions. Everything is still running but you may experience some minor delays depending on your state.

USA Standard Shipping (Estimated 3 -6 business days)

CA, UK, AUS Standard Shipping (Estimated 6 - 12 days)

Worldwide FedEx Intl Priority (Estimated 2 - 4 Business days) - Not available for beds.

Worldwide Standard Shipping (Estimated 10 - 20 Business days)

Cleaning & Tips

If your cat isn't giving the bed any attention, give it a few days for them to warm to it. You can also try the catnip trick! Each cat is different and can be stubborn.

- Calming Pet Beds and Anti Anxiety Pet Beds comeĀ vacuumed rolled for cost effective shipping. Simply shake out the bed on arrival :)

- You can wash it at 30 degree low spin and low heat in the dryer.

- Beware of low quality knock offs on other sites with no padding or tracking. We cannot assist you with these!

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