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Pawsome Couture Reviews: Calming Pet Bed

Product Feature of The Week: Calming Pet Bed

Cosy as can be, Calming Pet Bed has a donut shape design with raised edges to create a spot for cats to curl up in and sink into a good night's sleep. Made of faux fur, it is a good pick for cats who like to burrow or comfortably nestle into small enclosed spaces. The raised edges offer a sense of security and give cats a place to rest their head and neck, and the bed is soft enough to provide support for senior cats who may have achy joints. Lining Calming Pet Blanket is the safest way to have an extra toasty bed.


Pawsome Couture Reviews:

"Love at first lounge. My 19yr old senior cat is very picky when it comes ti where he will lay down, but as soon as I laid this bed on the floor; he crawled in and just fell right asleep." - Suzanne W.

"My cat loves it! One of my cats is easily stressed out and can be difficult. When I got the bed I put it on the floor-Jaxson sniffed it and walked off. Within 2 or 3 minutes he came back, climbed into the bed, and pretty much hasn’t left it. He’s very calm and very contented since I got the bed. One of my other cats also likes it, but can’t use it because Jaxson won’t leave it. Guess I’ll have to buy another one!" - Dawn P.

"By far the BEST bed out there. I foster baby kittens, and this bed makes them feel at home. These babies come to me in a variety of situations, even the ones stranded with no mom LOVE this bed. They purr and knead and sleep well. I cannot recommend highly enough." - Nancy M.

"Genius Pet Bed! My cat is in heaven in this bed! I left it on the floor for a week and then put it on the couch where she likes to hang out. I had to coax her a bit and kind of get in the bed myself at first. Now she literally is in this bed constantly in all kinds of cozy and hilarious positions. I bought this because my cat is 16 and recently lost her sister. She has been anxious and restless since then and now she is so much calmer. I could not recommend this more! :) Thanks you so much for inventing this!" - Marina Y.

"Purr-fection. My kitty LOVES the calming pet bed. To be honest, I’m a little jealous because he now sometimes prefers his bed to cuddling on the couch with me. He was obsessed when I first gave it to him for Christmas, then cooled on, but once I moved it into a sunny spot he hopped right back in. He absolutely loves it. For reference, he’s a larger-framed kitty and weighs about 15 lbs. I got him the 60cm bed." - Kate

"Great for anxious kitties!! I was a bit skeptical about all the hype on this fluffy cat bed and I certainly NEVER expected to be writing a review for it. (I am always suspicious of scams and internet gimmicks) However, my cat has experienced anxiety since purchasing our new home, often meowing or hiding upstairs. The plug ins did not seem effective or additional attention, so I caved. This pillow is AWESOME!! He snuggles in, dreams and purrs. Very content to stay with us and visit now. Definitely getting one for his jealous (younger) brother." - Bekah

"New favorite place. We placed the bed on the table behind our couch, and our cat stayed there for the next three days, leaving only to eat, snuggle with us, and use the litterbox. He's terminally ill, and the bed is exactly what I'd hoped: a warm & safe place to rest for the remainder of his days. This bed is one of the best purchases ever." - Sarah D.

"Instant relief for my anxious girl! My kitty is a rescue and she is so nervous. I mean she jumps at every little shadow and noise. We have come a long way in 3 years but rest has been especially difficult for her to come by since we have had to quarantine. We try to be quiet for her but she just can’t seem to find a special place to settle down. Enter this bed. It is heaven sent. I put it in our closet as that is her preferred hiding spot. She loves it so much!! When we walk in our room she barely looks up and then immediately passes out, back into a peaceful sleep. I am going to buy multiples of this bed so she will many peaceful areas to rest. It is worth each and every penny. This is the first review I’ve ever taken the time to make because this bed made such a difference with my nervous kitty. You won’t regret this purchase." - Jennifer C.

"The Purrrfect Bed! I've bought several! My home is a multi cat home. We bought one of these beds last year for one of our cats who likes to sleep 99% of the time. Well she absolutely loved it and would just curl up in the bed and go to sleep. Now she sleeps 99.9% of the time. Unfortunately we have several other cats who have discovered how cozy it is and she started to lose her bed privileges. She would actually come and tell on them if they took her bed and we would have to move them out of it. In light of this development, my husband and I bought some of the knock off beds on Amazon but they didn't like them. We have since bought two more of these beds from this company and I am waiting for another one to arrive. These beds are completely occupied all the time and they will take turns sleeping in them." - Karen H.