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How to Reduce Cat Anxiety with the Calming Cat Bed

Introducing Pawsome Couture's Calming Pet Bed.

Back in 2018, we did some research into cat anxiety and dog anxiety to see how we could help alleviate such a popular problem! 

Did you know.. that literally 1 in 4 cats and dogs suffer from pet anxiety? 

You see..

Cats and dogs are like us humans. They can get stressed for lots of reasons which can turn into a serious problem if left untreated. It's also important that you know how to communicate with your cats and understand different cat sounds.

We'll dig into those in a future post.

Cat hiding under bed from cat anxiety

After working with a pet behaviour therapist we developed a simple yet effective every-day solution. Our Calming Pet Bed.

The raised rim creates a sense of security and helps activate the nervous system in a positive way which allows your fur kids to calm down faster and relax more easily.

Soothing Cat Bed

This is ideal for any timid pet, shelter rescues, or simply as an awesome soft all around sleeper! 

Being deep in our donut bed results in more effective sleep while helping to ease anxiety and stress. Our soft padded centre gives a very comfortable support whilst sinking your cats into their safe space.

Calming Pet Bed Reviews

So.. how has it been going?

Since inception, we have now over 3500 life changing reviews for our soothing cat bed. 

You can read all of the positive reviews here:

Our two favorites at the moment are:

Picky Kitty Loves This Bed!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

"My cats turn their noses up at almost anything I buy them. But the youngest has taken this bed over and will sit and make biscuits before curling up for a nap- something I have never seen her do before! Worth the price to see her so happy!!" - Nicola P.

The Cats Love Their Bed!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"My 2 Tomcats were curious right away when they saw the beds. The one cat warmed up right away by testing out both beds. He thought they were both for him! The next day the second cat caught on. Now they share both beds and are very happy and comfortable in them! They love them! Great purchase!" - Ivona C.