Strawberry Cream Calming Pet Nest
Strawberry Cream Calming Pet Nest
Strawberry Cream Calming Pet Nest
Strawberry Cream Calming Pet Nest
Strawberry Cream Calming Pet Nest
Strawberry Cream Calming Pet Nest

Strawberry Cream Calming Pet Nest

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Color : Strawberry Cream

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Inner Floor



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Wave goodbye to pet anxiety, forever! ☁️ 💤

Meet our legendary Calming Pet Nest. Designed by our brilliant pet therapists to improve your pet's quality of life, improve quality of sleep, and helps alleviate stress due to its amazing features.


  1. Raised Walls: Enhanced Calmness.
    Provide a deep sense of security, stimulating a positive nervous response. The high walls allow your pet to experience enhanced calmness, ensuring they relax more quickly.
  2. Plush Nest & Padded Center: Deep, Restorative Sleep.
    Our nest promotes profound sleep. The padded center offers optimal comfort, especially beneficial for the joints, paving the way for a deep and restorative sleep for your pet.
  3. Soft Faux Fur: Mother's Touch.
    Replicates the soothing feel of a mother’s fur. This feature is especially ideal for kittens, rescues, and pets that enjoy kneading, offering a comforting "Mother's Touch" sensation.
  4. Adaptable Design: Ideal for All Pets.
    Our bed is tailored for pets that spend a lot of time alone. It offers relief from frequent vocalizations, excessive barking, and stress-related behaviors, ensuring it's ideal for nearly all pets.


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Cleaning & Tips

If your cat isn't giving the bed any attention, give it a few days for them to warm to it. You can also try the catnip trick! Each cat is different and can be stubborn.

- Calming Pet Beds and Anti Anxiety Pet Beds come vacuumed rolled for cost effective shipping. Simply shake out the bed on arrival :)

Perfect Nest
"My two 8week old kittens absolutely Love the nest. They are using the smallest one now and love cuddling in it. I also have the large one for them as they grow.. Best purchase!"
Christina M.
Pebbles Loves Hers
"If you have a cat who burrows, likes going under blankets or a pile of clothes, or generally likes hiding in tight spaces, this bed is wonderful."
Carolyn J.
Amazing Bed
"I normally don't leave reviews, but my cat will seriously not leave this bed! He loves it. I even moved it on top of my bed, and he got right back into it. 10/10 recommend."
Katelyn N.

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