Cozy Burrow Cat Bed

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Does your cat (or dog!) like to burrow among soft blankets, laundry, your clothes or anything furry & cozy? 💤

Introducing.. our Cozy Burrow Cat Bed! 

This seriously soft cat cave bed with cute cat ears and tail is the perfect hideaway. The sleeping bag style allows your cat to burrow in and get seriously comfy while watching what's going on outside. It can also be used flat as a sleeping mat.

The entryway has a rim that your cat can lean his/her head on. There also is an air hole at the back to ensure 100% safety.

Material: Gray Super Soft Faux Fur

Dimensions: 21.5in x 21.5in

Machine Washable: We recommend a low spin 30 degree wash and a low heat setting in the dryer.


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