Bee Catnip Toys
Bee Catnip Toys
Bee Catnip Toys
Bee Catnip Toys
Bee Catnip Toys
Bee Catnip Toys

Bee Catnip Toys

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Product: Bee Catnip Toys

Variant: 1 Bee

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A high quality bumblebee shaped toy that will not disappoint. Catnip filled wings and a polygonum wood tip. Hello endless cat fun. This is arguably our cat's favorite toy ever, and they have a lot of toys!  

This solid catnip toy will have your cat obsessed -  it's so addictive  we only give it as a treat. This toy also has great health benefits. Wood polygonum is a plant cats are very fond of, it is great for oral health and keeps teeth clean when chewed on. 

Catisfaction guaranteed, we pinky promise.


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