Why Do Cats Like Boxes?-Pawsome Couture®

Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

Seeking out confined spaces is an instinctual behaviour for cats, but why are our feline friends so drawn to boxes?


Cats crave safety

Safety is probably the number one reason as to why cats find boxes so appealing. Hiding or seeking an enclosed space is a cat's way of dealing with stress. If your cats are feeling overwhelmed or in trouble, they can retreat to a safe, private space where they can observe, but can't be seen.


Cats require warmth

According to experts, a cat's natural body temperature is 102° F, which is significantly warmer than our body temperature of 98.6° F. Sleeping is a favourite pastime for cats, and snuggly boxes fashion the cosiest beds and retain their body heat.


Cats love the texture of boxes

The corrugated edge of the cardboard is perfect for sinking in claws, scratching and stretching. Cats love the way it feels to sink those little claws into the cardboard and have glands in their paw pads that leave a scent behind when they scratch, marking their territory, reports Hartz.


Boxes are full of fun

Your cats can climb onto, jump into and hide in a box. It's like a little kitty playground all wrapped up in plain brown paper! You can drop in a couple of favourite toys or cut a few holes in the side so they can peek through or stick out a paw to swat at toys.