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Tips For Making Vet Visits Less Stressful For Your Cat

The journey of taking your cats to the vet can be daunting for you and your cats. It, more often than not, begins with a wrestling match to get your cats into a carrier and even the calmest cat can become stressed by a trip to the vet.

We hope the following steps will help ease the stress of bringing your cats into the vet!



Always employ a robust carrier. It should be large enough so that your cats can stand, stretch, and make a full turn. Associate the carrier with fond feelings by making the carrier as 'part of the furniture' at home rather than just a means for occasional transport, and offering treats when they are inside.


Car ride

Start by taking short drives. Gradually increase the length of the trips and reinforce positive associations with each car ride through treats or extra affection. Ensure that the carrier remains as level as possible, and outfitting the carrier with one of your cats' favourite blankets can also help reduce anxiety.


Waiting room

Filled with barking dogs and hissing cats, the waiting room can be a very scary place for your cats. Keep them in their carrier until you reach the exam room. Remember, your cats will take cues from you, so stay calm.


Exam room

The more attuned your cats to being touched and picked up, the more likely it is to tolerate being handled by the vet. You can alleviate the discomfort by talking in a soothing voice and with a reassuring tone during the check-up. You can also make your cats more comfortable by bringing a blanket with familiar scents from home as well as toys to distract.




Source: Animal Planet