6 Easy Steps for Bathing Your Cat-Pawsome Couture®

6 Easy Steps for Bathing Your Cat

Cats, in particular, are not fond of being bathed and have a fine-tuned skillset for grooming. However, there are some occasions when a cat will need to be bathed - older cats can't clean themselves like they used to due to achy joints from arthritis and sick cats, overweight cats, and even depressed cats may spend less time grooming. Here's how to give your cats a stress-free bath!


1. Have towels, washcloths, and cat-friendly shampoo at the ready to minimise the time your cats have to spend being wet.

2. First, brush your cats to remove tangles and mats.

3. Fill a sink or bathtub with a few inches of warm water, and place a towel or rubber mat to prevent slipping.

4. Use a small amount of shampoo and water and start massaging from the neck, down the back, underneath the belly and along the legs. Speak to your cats in quiet, calm tones to keep them relaxed.

5. Wash the face with a damp washcloth - most cats dislike having water splashed on their faces.

6. Rinse your cats thoroughly and wrap them in a towel to dry them gently.


Last but not least, do whatever you can to end the bath on a positive note, whether that means playtime or treat time.