Pawsome Couture Reviews: Ergonomic Feeding Bowls-Pawsome Couture®

Pawsome Couture Reviews: Ergonomic Feeding Bowls

Product Feature of The Week: Ergonomic Feeding Bowls

Ergonomic Feeding Bowls are about 5.11 inches wide at their widest point and the set includes two bowls with sloping sides which allow easy food access and make spillages less likely.

These adorable, stylish kitty face shaped bowls come with a stand helping cats to adopt a better posture when eating and drinking, and match any home décor!

Elevating the food and water bowls is especially important in older cats as it helps them to lessen the stress in their joints, muscles or bones when leaning their body.



Pawsome Couture Reviews:

"I've finally found a bowl that keeps my cat from spilling his food all over the floors" - Elizabeth M.

"My 17 year old cats love these bowls. The angle makes it much easier for them and the bowls are cute. I'm planning to order another set." - Juli J.

"As it is tilted toward the front so my cat does not need too much effort to drink water. (She drinks more water now) Also because it is see through, it is interesting to see how she eats her food. It is easy to clean and the cat face shape is very cute." - Yuka

"The cats love their new bowls. They are ergonomic so that their whiskers don't touch and propped up at a good height for them. We have 3 cats and they all love them." - Brianna C.

"Chloé, my one year old rescue kitty happily turned her back on her old feeding/watering bowls for her new whisker, ergonomic friendly Pawsome Couture bowls. I love the kitty eared cute design, easy to clean, snug fit of the bowls. The design of the bowls eliminates food debris and mess. The perfect bowl for our Princess. Thank you." - Cassandra T.

"How did we live without this??? Our senior cat, Duncan—he's 20—loves this so much! It's beautiful, functional, and a furry-beast favorite!" - Mary D.

"No more spills! These bowls help to eliminate the issue of your cat splashing out the water from the bowls!!! They love them and they're easy to clean!" - Karen V.

"My 11yr old cat didn't bat an eye when I changed his bowls over to the ergonomic feeding bowls. Best part is now when he eats his wet food, there is so much less mess!!!! And his water stays in the bowl not all over the floor! Wish I had these years ago" - Gabriella B.