Pawsome Couture Reviews: Cute Cat Fairy Light 20 Led Set-Pawsome Couture®

Pawsome Couture Reviews: Cute Cat Fairy Light 20 Led Set

Product Feature of The Week: Cute Cat Fairy Light 20 Led Set

As beautiful as a starlit night, our Cute Cat Fairy Light features 20 warm and lovely LEDs covered with darling whiskered faces just waiting to brighten up your night. Powered by 2 x AA batteries (Note: batteries not included), these magical kitty fairy lights will light up any occasion whether you're decorating for the holidays or want to add a bit of feline flair to your home. Create a 'Hygge' atmosphere with these adorable little lights in a jar or wrapped around any home accessories & trees!



Pawsome Couture Reviews:

"These are AMAZING!! I definitely need more next year!!! 🤩" - Carolyn F.

"I love my little lights! They're sooo cute and i can basically put them anywhere i want since they’re battery operated. They're a little bit smaller than i anticipated based off of the picture, but no complaints!! I would definitely recommend to a friend!" - Rachel P.

"Lovely lights. These are a very sweet addition to my deskspace!" - Tina L.

"Birthday gifts were a hit! My teenage daughter was so excited to receive all her items from Pawsome Couture...but the lights were especially a big hit! They are well made and super duper cute!!!" - Cristin W.