Pawsome Couture Reviews: Teeny Tiny Paw Ring-Pawsome Couture®

Pawsome Couture Reviews: Teeny Tiny Paw Ring

Product Feature of The Week: Teeny Tiny Paw Ring

Teeny Tiny Paw Ring is a wonderfully sweet and touching way to pay tribute to your beloved pets.

Its dainty yet sturdy 1mm band is perfect for stacking your existing rings or on its own to exude lovely and understated style.

This petite and lightweight ring arrives in your choice of 925 Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Vermeil, or 18k Rose Gold Vermeil in our beautiful pouch and will make an ideal gift for both cat and dog lovers alike.



Pawsome Couture Reviews:

"I purchased one for myself as well as my daughter when our 20yr old kitty passed. It's the exact reminder we needed to honor him - and it fits as I hoped. Its tiny detail is seriously perfect! Thank you so much!!" - Liz B.

"I like to buy a small token when I lose a pet... in their memory. I now think of my sweet Sadie whenever I see or feel it on my hand." - Kathy P.

"I've been wanting some smaller rings as the majority of mine have a jewel on them. These are perfect! The cute little paw print makes me think of my kitties who have passed. I highly recommend this ring! Great service! Perfect price! You can't find anything better than this ring!" - Jillian K.

"This little ring is beautiful as well as comfy and smooth. I've bought several as gifts and everyone loved them! They are great for both cat and dog lovers ♥" - Linda O.

"I love how dainty this ring is! It's exactly what I was looking for, I'm a nurse so I prefer to go with more settled pieces that are small and easy to clean. Once I received mine I immediately jumped online and bought two more as gifts for my dog walker and my dog loving friend!" - Maggie D.

"The ring is so thin and delicate that sometimes I don't feel like I'm wearing it. I love it. I have two cats and this ring signifies my commitment to them as their "mama" love, cherish, protect and nurture them for as long as I live." - Aida D.

"I bought this for my daughter when my grand dog was in for cancer surgery. She loved it and said it was, "so special!" - Robin I.


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