Pawsome Couture Reviews: Magical Mice Catnip Toys-Pawsome Couture®

Pawsome Couture Reviews: Magical Mice Catnip Toys

Product Feature of The Week: Magical Mice Catnip Toys

A classic game of cat and mouse always gets your feline friends' attention. Magical Mice Catnip Toys mimic prey species and are designed so that your cats can pounce on and bat at them.

Clad in beige or blue, these whimsically adorable mice feature charmingly dangly string tails and each of these is embedded with catnip, which triggers a magical response. Scientifically known as Nepeta cataria, catnip is a member of the mint family and many experts believe that it acts as a feline attractant.




Pawsome Couture Reviews:

"My two kitties (Wally & Violet) absolutely love, love, LOVE these catnip mice. Wally favors the blue one (for some reason ... lol). They chase them around and carry them to show me their "prizes" all the time. It's hilarious!" - Janet W.

"Our kitten loves these mice! We bought a variety of mice toys from different companies/brands but these from Pawsome made our little guy so happy - he wouldn't stop playing with it!" - Kayla K.

"My cats went wild, in fact they didn't wait for me to undo the packet, they just took off with it. Well made. Tip: if they run out of catnip smell, put the mice into a jar of catnip, shake up, and leave overnight, they'll be ready for playing with the next day!" - Mary F.

"Magical Mice, indeed! All three of my kitties love these mice. The minute I unwrapped them, they found their new favorite toys!" - Michelle B.


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