Pawsome Couture Reviews: Colorful Catnip Bouncy Ball-Pawsome Couture®

Pawsome Couture Reviews: Colorful Catnip Bouncy Ball

Product Feature of The Week: Colorful Catnip Bouncy Ball

A cat can never have too many catnip-filled toys and many cats love to pounce on moving toys. Colorful Catnip Bouncy Ball is likely to awaken your cat's predator instinct and offers untold joy to your cat. The charm is soft fabric with a jingling bell inside, dialing up the excitement. This toy is great for interactive play with your cat and has an option to buy a bundle of three, so if your cat accidentally swats one under the couch or chews out the stuffing, you'll have more quickly on hand.


Pawsome Couture Reviews:

"Best toy ever! My cat loves loves LOVES this! She chases it around for hours and unlike all of her smaller toys, this doesn’t get lost!" - Elizabeth P.

"My cat is addicted. Great little ball for cats, especially for this who like to carry it in their mouth. Quick shipping and a good price. I know I’ll need to buy again when this one wears out given my cat is constantly playing with it." - Tina D.

"happy dog. actually, my dog steals this from the cat, they both love it" - Marilyn H.

"Perfect ball. I purchased the smallest of the catnip bouncy balls & it’s just the right size for my cats. They have a great time throwing it around." - Jody S.

"Ball of fun! What an amazing little ball for my Russian Blue kitty! She can effortlessly carry it in her mouth and spends lots of time chasing it down the hallway." - Rina R.

"Great Catnip Ball!! This catnip ball is great & so much fun!! The quality is fantastic and has just enough bell sound to keep the kitty’s attention!!" - Kathy

"I have two cats and a kitten I bought a lot of toys from Pawsome along with 2 cat beds. My cats love everything." - Beverly H.

"My cat loves them! Small balls that are the size my cat loves. They are light enough that she can pick them up and throw them. Great purchase." - Meredith L.

"big hit!! Another big hit with the cats. They all lined up to see what we had in the package, and they started playing with them as soon as I threw them out in the middle of the room. Thanks again!" - Rebecca F.

"My grandkitten loves his bouncy pom pom balls. These balls are fun, colorful and cheerful to look out. They invite playtime and have the cutest jingle which my grandkitten loves. He is attracted to the pom poms and they are very sturdy and the balls are substantial/good quality. The balls on these balls do not move, they are super sturdy. Best of all this ball is a set of 3 in various sized. I really like this style toy." - Reyna R.

"New Favorite Toy. This is my cat's new favorite toy! We got the small and the medium sized ones and he loves them both. I was worried that the medium sized one was going to be too heavy for him to carry around but it's not a problem at all - he seems to like the variety." - Ava S.