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Pawsome Couture Reviews: Calming Pet Nest

Product Feature of The Week: Calming Pet Nest

Short haired or hairless cats can shiver as it is hard for them to stay warm. Calming Pet Nest creates an all-around cosy spot for cats to snuggle into. If your cats love sleeping in all of your blankets and pillows, Calming Pet Nest is a comfier option. Made with a faux fur exterior and plush/faux fur interior, this bed can serve as not only a place to snooze, but also a fun place to hide away from the world. The exterior bunches up to form a little cave and can be pulled down to act as a blanket which can be slept on or pulled over. We recommend the plush interior for warm households or hotter climates. The faux fur would provide extra heat and insulation in colder climates.


Pawsome Couture Reviews:

"Fantastic Bed! My kitten adores this bed! I can completely see why you call it the Calming Nest. Once Mimi explored it she wouldn’t use her other beds. I would consider this a huge success as she’s an anxious cat who doesn’t like to be alone. Now she quietly sneaks out to her own safe space. I now need to get another for my other cat! Thanks for the review copy! Xx" - Anna

"Love it! My 27 lb. cat absolutely loves the nest and knew right away that it is for him! I wish I could include the sequence of photos of his examination and ultimate decision to enter the nest - SO CUTE! He clearly feels safe and super comfy! Thank you!" - Mary H.

"Wishing they made this for humans. Luxurious, pillowy, blissful comfort. That’s the look my cat gives me when she’s knocked out in her bed. She loves that the top covers her tiny body. It’s so cute to see her paws pop out from her cocooned bed. Very happy with my purchase. You cat will love it." - Nicole W.

"Calming Pet Nest is a WIN! My cat Benny was drawn to it immediately and loves to curl up and sleep/ lounge in his little nest!" - Laura J.

"My cat loves sleeping in this bed and kneading it (which helps save my nice blankets). At first I had to gently force her to lie down on it, but after that, she couldn't get enough. She looks so cute sleeping in her little cloud!" - Hannah L.

"Thank you! The bed is amazing. My 15 year old cat Olly was so restless at night and this bed has really calmed her down. Now we can both sleep through the night. Highly recommend it." - John R.

"Wonderful calming for our cat. We love this pet nest. Our cat was experiencing some separation anxiety when we left the house. He seems a lot better now that we have the pet nest. He sleeps in it all day." - Kelly S.

"I’ve been looking for a bed that my cats would actually sleep in! It sounds crazy, but they are picky and have turned down multiple beds before. Both of my cats are alone almost all day and are therefore anxious at times. This bed allows them to have a perfect sleep, wake up refreshed and they are less anxious! They seem to get along better with each other too!" - Kathryn C.

"BEST CAT BED EVER. MY CAT LOVES THIS BED!!! She truly suffers from anxiety and she loves this bed so much. The minute I put it out for her she immediately got in it and has not moved since. If you are considering getting this bed, DO IT. BEST BED EVER!" - Carla C.