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Pawsome Couture Reviews: Cute Furniture Cat Paw Leg Pads

Product Feature of The Week: Cute Furniture Cat Paw Leg Pads

If you're looking to add a touch of feline whimsy into your decor whilst protecting your hardwood flooring, Cute Furniture Cat Paw Leg Pads are right up your street!

Adorable and functional, these leg pads will protect your hard surface floors from pesky scratch marks and reduce noise when moving furniture around.

Designed to slip onto table/chair legs, each set of cat paw socks comes in a pack of four and you can choose from 4 different paw styles: Gray, Black, Striped, and Spotted.

Cute Furniture Cat Paw Leg Pads are ideal for children's bedrooms and are sure to bring a hint of fun and colour to any room or office!


Pawsome Couture Reviews:

"We love our chair paws. They are perfect for protecting timber floors and they look so cute. I love pulling out a chair now because I don’t have to worry about scratching our floors. I am thinking of getting some more for me and for my mother 😀😻" - Cherriee M.

"Too cute. Love these every cat lover needs them" - Melanie C.

"Enjoy the way they look and they keep my hardwood floor from getting marked" - Carmella D.

"Super cute. Super easy and great!" - Amanda P.

"Love these chair socks! They fit well, do the job and are a real conversation starter! Really love them!" - Michelle Z.

"These are the cutest cat socks for my dinning room chair. They not only stop my chair from scratching my wood floor but they look adorable! They look tight but stretched out to fit and they stay up on their own. Everyone that sees them laughs. I would definitely recommend them!" - Rebekah E.

"Pawfully Perfect. Great, love them, they are so cute and are protecting my hardware floors very nicely.." - Karen G.