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Pawsome Calming Beds to Keep Cat Anxiety at Bay

Cat anxiety can even result in destructive behaviours like scratching, chewing, marking, and aggression. Although the most common form of anxiety in cats is separation anxiety, there are many environmental, behavioural, and health factors that may contribute to the disorder. Sometimes there is an obvious trigger like a new pet or baby being introduced to the house. Other times it can be something subtle like a piece of furniture that was moved around.

Searching for an easy way to keep your cats composed? We have compiled an assortment of our soothing items to appease your cats.


#1 Calming Pet Bed

Cosy as can be, Calming Pet Bed has a donut shape design with raised edges to create a spot for cats to curl up in and sink into a good night's sleep. Made of faux fur, it is a good pick for cats who like to burrow or comfortably nestle into small enclosed spaces. The raised edges offer a sense of security and give cats a place to rest their head and neck, and the bed is soft enough to provide support for senior cats who may have achy joints. Lining Calming Pet Blanket is the safest way to have an extra toasty bed.


#2 Calming Pet Nest

Short haired or hairless cats can shiver as it is hard for them to stay warm. Calming Pet Nest creates an all-around cosy spot for cats to snuggle into. If your cats love sleeping in all of your blankets and pillows, Calming Pet Nest is a comfier option. Made with a faux fur exterior and plush/faux fur interior, this bed can serve as not only a place to snooze, but also a fun place to hide away from the world. The exterior bunches up to form a little cave and can be pulled down to act as a blanket which can be slept on or pulled over. We recommend the plush interior for warm households or hotter climates. The faux fur would provide extra heat and insulation in colder climates.


#3 Convertible Snuggle Mat & Bed

Convertible Snuggle Mat & Bed offers enough orthopedic support for senior cats and is also a good choice for cats who like to stretch out when they snooze. Give your cats the option to switch between a cat nest and an open bed. The bed doesn't take up much room, so it is ideal for small living spaces or for travel.


#4 Cloud 9 Stress Reducing Pet Bed

Your cats can stay warm whilst they sleep with Cloud 9 Stress Reducing Pet Bed. The soft centre offers extra support and comfort for senior cats who suffer from muscle and joint pain or other aches. The sleeping surface is covered in shaggy arctic fleece, and the padded walls deliver head and neck support and make the bed deep and cosy, perfect for cats who want to curl up and stay warm.


#5 Deep Sleep Snuggler Bed

Deep Sleep Snuggler Bed has an extra support to ease joint pain, making it a great choice for older cats. Your cats are encircled by the supportive walls whilst feeling safe and secure. The bed also adapts to any sleeping style, and there's room for cats to stretch out and prop their chin on a wall, or they can curl up into a ball.


What features Pawsome Couture beds have


Regardless of cats' renowned grooming habits, beds often get filthy and can quickly become covered in hair, bacteria or even fleas. So the ability to simply pop their entire bed into the washing machine to clean off is more than a little appealing. You can wash our beds in a 30 degree low spin cycle and dry on a low heat in the dryer right after. We recommend a dryer rather than air-drying to avoid matting and do not recommend the use of dryer sheets.

Large selection

Consider how your cats like to catch their zzzs. If they always curl up, they will do well with a donut-style bed that surrounds them with sides they can easily negotiate. If your cats like to hide underneath blankets and towels, they may like a cave-style bed. You can also choose the size and colour you desire.

Proven to ease anxiety

Our beds are designed by therapists to allow cats to burrow, have full, restful sleep for improved behaviour and better health.


Available in beautifully natural colours, Pawsome Couture beds are a seamless addition to any room's décor.


If your cats may not show any gratitude for their new bed, the first tip we can give for convincing your cats to sleep in it is to make it an appealing bed. Check out our blog post, "Acclimating Your Cat to Our Calming Pet Bed"!


Pawsome Couture beds are made with love and dedication. We are so confident that you will love our products. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim, and we provide customer support Monday - Friday from 10am - 5pm EST and our customer service representatives are ready to answer your questions.


What our customers say

"Wonderful calming for our cat! We love this pet nest. Our cat was experiencing some separation anxiety when we left the house. He seems a lot better now that we have the pet nest. He sleeps in it all day." - Kelly S.

"AMAZING! Has become a favorite spot for Jazz! My boyfriend's cat, Jazz, has never used a bed before, he hasn't ever paid attention to them at all. His mom was over for Easter and saw the cat bed and said, "Yeah, Jazz won't ever use that. Never has." About 5 minutes later the cat finally got in the bed, kneading It once he realized how comfortable It was and curled up. He was asleep like that for a while and has kept returning to It since. We're so happy that he's using It and that he's liking the bed. He's always been a yowler and very vocal (especially at night), so we thought that he had anxiety & wanted to help. From the last two days, I can say this bed has definitely changed that a bit." - Rebecca

"Truly comforting! Our cat has high anxiety and this bed has truly calmed her. She lays in it and purrs. It’s nice to see her fully relaxed without being jumpy. When she is in the bed, she just looks up with such loving and appreciative eyes. A must for all pets!!" - Zorisa S.

"This bed is PURRRFECT! Initially I was a little worried about the size of the bed that I ordered. I have 2 average sized cats, but I really was looking for a bed only for the one that gets some separation anxiety when I leave the house. So I ordered the 60cm and let me tell ya, Quarter (my cat) LOVES this bed. I had to put him in it at first, but now I find him always curled up in it. For any that are wondering more what size would work, I have 2 cats that are average size and weight and both would be able to snuggle in this bed. It would be a little snug for them, but it would work! However, if my intention was to buy a bed to fit both cats instead of just the one, I would go a size above the 60cm. Overall, great product and Quarter could not be happier!" - Jacob P

"Love this Bed for our Boys! We have not bought three of two of the beds and they have no problem sharing. We have two that have anxiety issues and it really helped last July 4th. As you can see from the picture they don’t mind sharing but we did order a third one for Christmas. We are going to purchase one for a friend for her new fur baby. Thank you. You won’t regret the purchase." - Sara M

"Great for anxious kitties!! I was a bit skeptical about all the hype on this fluffy cat bed and I certainly NEVER expected to be writing a review for it. (I am always suspicious of scams and internet gimmicks) However, my cat has experienced anxiety since purchasing our new home, often meowing or hiding upstairs. The plug ins did not seem effective or additional attention, so I caved. This pillow is AWESOME!! He snuggles in, dreams and purrs. Very content to stay with us and visit now. Definitely getting one for his jealous (younger) brother." - Bekah

"Excellent cat bed! I have a cat with severe separation anxiety and he has not yowled or acted out in the three days I’ve had it. He snuggles right in there and peeks over the edge with a look of content on his sweet little face. I would recommend this to anybody with cats suffering from anxiety issues." - Rachel P