Pampering Your Cat for Christmas-Pawsome Couture®

Pampering Your Cat for Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has begun! You may have already finished decorating your home. This Christmas, extend the holiday spirit to your feline family members. That way, you can make it a positive experience for them, instead of the potential for them to be stressed out due to the changes in their environment. Here are some ideas on how to pamper your cats this Christmas!


Homemade treats

Spoil your cats with some festive homemade treats this Christmas. Whipping up some homemade cat treats is not only fun, but also a great way to indulge and reward your cats.



Most cats enjoy gentle massages. Apart from relaxing your cats, massages can also strengthen the bond between you and your cats. Talk to your cats softly and affectionately, then try to slowly stroke their face whilst making gentle small circular motions with the tips of your fingers.


New toys

New toys will always be such a delight to have for cats and will revitalize and stimulate them. Splurge on a pack of fun and exciting toys to entertain your cats on Christmas day.


New beds

Treat your cats to comfortable new beds to retreat. Cats are certainly sleepy little furballs and spend a ridiculous amount of time snoozing. Keep your drowsy cats happy and purring by offering them cosy and toasty bedding.


New hangout spots

Provide more vertical shelving at home so your cats can hover overhead, curl up and doze off. Cats love to climb to high places and observe their surroundings from a lofty vantage point.


Stockings full of treats

Share Christmas morning together. Call your cats over to check out their own gift haul and let them smell their stocking to discover scrumptious treats inside.


Extra cuddles

Make sure you spend plenty of time with your cats and give them lots of extra snuggles.



Featured image by Karolina Grabowska