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Is Your Cat A Sloppy Eater?

Here are some tips to help you prevent your cats from making a mess when they eat:


Check for dental pain

The very first thing to check for if your cats start making a mess is underlying dental problems. According to experts, cats' teeth should be brushed as often as possible, ideally every day. When mouth or dental pain is present, your cats may be dropping food from their mouth, chewing only on one side. Take your cats along to the vet for a dental check-up.


Move the dish

Cats' instinct to take the "prey" to a private area where they can eat in peace without any interruptions can play a part in eating habits. If your cats drag food to a different area, try moving the dish to a less open location.


Switch the bowls

Cats, in general, dislike deep bowls, which might cramp their whiskers. If most of the food spillage is very near the bowl, it is likely that your cats are pawing food out of their bowls. Try providing shallower bowls to see if that makes a difference.


Use a placemat

Protect your floors from spills by placing placemats under your cats' food bowls. Placemats can keep your cats’ eating area clean and accessorise their dining experience. Choose ones that are easy to clean and match the colour and style of your home so they blend.


Change the food brand

PetPlace advises that the external coating of the kibble can also make a difference as to whether your cats' tongue can adhere to it enough to help transfer it from bowl to mouth. If your cats appear to have a problem either picking up or chewing the individual pieces of kibble, try a new brand with an entirely different shape, and be sure to do so gradually, over several days, so that an upset stomach does not result.



Featured image by Gabriel Crişan