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Pawsome Interactive Toys that Your Cat Will Love

Experts advise to set aside thirty minutes a day for play, split into two fifteen-minute sessions, which can work wonders for your cats' physical and emotional health, lessening behavioural problems stemming from pent-up energy and improving the bond between you and your cats. Tap into your cats' predatory instinct with interactive toys as they can provide the closest equivalent to how cats would've played in the wild.

Here is our list of the Pawsome interactive cat toys that will keep your cats physically and mentally engaged, as well as entertained.


Mice toys

Cats' agility and sharp claws are ideally suited for catching mice. These mice toys are perfect for your cats to play with by themselves and allow you to play with your cats in a way that positively reinforces their natural instincts. Your cats will swat and chase these enticing little toys around the room. Plus, these are embedded with catnip. If you're unsure whether your cats like and react to catnip, this pack is a great size to buy and test it out.


Catnip toys

It is thought that catnip stimulates the central nervous system within cats and causes a burst of energetic activity. If you are trying to get your cats to be more active, these balls are excellent for your cats to bat around the floor and play with, stimulating their brains. These toys also work great for those who don't like noisy playthings and are pretty enough that you may not mind as much if your cats leave them all over the living room. It is always best to check if your cats are susceptible to the effects of catnip before you buy any toys containing it.


Wand toys

A wand toy looks like a fishing rod and has a line and a "lure" at the end of it, which can be anything that entices your cats. You wave the wand about and your cats try to catch the lure, by jumping, pouncing and batting at it. This is a great way for you to interact with your cats but without the risk of you getting scratched, and keep them entertained and their mind sharp and stimulated as they try to hunt and catch the lure.


Feather toys

Feather toys are similar to wand toys and can also be played with by you and your cats together. Cats like to chase things, and a toy with feathers not only intrigues your cats when you flick around but are likely to awaken their natural hunting instinct as they track or swipe at it. This toy is lightweight to manoeuvre and excites even the biggest furry couch potato. Attached to the wand are feathers that your cats can chase and pounce on, simulating their favorite prey, a bird.


Treat dispensing toys

Whilst also stimulating your cats' brains as they figure out how to get treats, this simple, affordable treat dispensing toy can tempt your cats into play mode. You place one or more treats inside, then your cats beat it up until their treat falls through the hole. Not only is this fun for your cats, it's also an effective way to make them eat more slowly, which aids digestion.



Featured image by Helena Lopes