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How to Put A Collar on Your Cat

A collar and ID tag may be your cats' ticket home if they get lost or something else happens. Even indoor-only cats should wear collars, because if they accidentally escape or wander off, with an ID tag, your cats have a better chance of safely and quickly getting back home.

It can be difficult to place the first collar on some cats that have never worn a collar. Your cats may scratch at the collar at first, since it feels foreign, but your cats should adjust to it with short sessions, rewards, persistence and patience.

Here at Pawsome Couture, we've helped a huge numbers of feline friends around the world discover the joys of wearing collars, and we'd love to share what we've learned along the way with you!

"My cat Leo loves the upgrade!! He use to have a cheap collar from petsmart that frayed due to his feet scratching his neck sometimes, and now the leather withstands that!!! No more frays. Always looks top tier on him and our family has noticed he looks like a luxurious black kitty but I def believe the collar enhanced that!!! I’m glad your company exists and our pets deserve great quality things too!!" - Claudia S.

"My cat is so very comfortable wearing this!! No more scratching around her neck as she has done with all the others! The leather is so pliable and soft too! My other two cats will soon be getting their own too! Thank you 😊" - Tracy S.


The first is to make sure the collar fits appropriately. You should be able to slip one or two of your fingers between the collar and your cats' neck to ensure the fit is good but not too tight. This should also be checked weekly to ensure that it hasn't moved or adjusted slightly.

The second step is to gradually get your cats used to the new collar and to associate it with something positive. If your cats seem irritated at first, remove after a short time and gradually increase the time it is left on. Try using a tasty treat to distract your cats' attention from the collar. If your cats slip the collar off, replace it and give your cats a treat. By the time your cats finish the treat, they may have forgotten the collar entirely. You may have to repeat this trick a few times.

More tips:

  • Begin with a very soft collar which is so lightweight that your cats will hardly notice it. Pawsome Couture leather collar is double-sided and ultra lightweight design to ensure a super soft and comfortable fit!

  • Leave the collar lying around the house (i.e. food bowls or sleeping spots) for your cats to check it out. This way your cats will get used to the sight and smell of it. Or hold it to allow your cats to sniff and investigate it after rubbing it on your cats' bedding.

  • Remove the bell and introduce it a bit later once your cats are happy with the collar. Pawsome Couture collar comes with a removable jingle bell!

  • Distract your cats, whilst you put it on, with some toys. This will make them associate it with a positive response. Another trick is to put the collar on just before they have their food. This will also add positive associations.

  • Breakaway collars will allow your cats to escape in the event of a situation, such as, getting caught on a branch, piece of furniture or any other protruding objects. Pawsome Couture collar is made with your cats' safety in mind and features "Quick-Release" buckle that breaks away in the event your cats get hung up on an object!