How to Optimize Your Quarantine Set-up for Your Cats

April 30, 2020 1 min read

How to Optimize Your Quarantine Set-up for Your Cats

Even as quarantines limit our normal activities, they also present opportunities to strengthen your bonds with your feline family member.

According to experts, the vast majority of cats are likely to welcome the opportunity for more interaction with their owners. Set aside some time to play or cuddle with your pet.

Here are a few tips to keep your cats happy, healthy and entertained.



#1 Give Your Cats a Window

Choose a large window in your home and set up a place where your cats can look out and bask in the rays of sunshine. Our Calming Pet Bed will take siestas to the next level.


#2 Bring the Outdoors to the Indoors

Plants will give your cats the feeling of being outside. Place hearty ones and spice them up with our Mini Cat Decorations!



#3 Provide Your Cats with the Tools to Occupy Themselves

Here are the Pawsome toys for engaging playtime. Be sure to put toys away when playtime is over, so as to keep your cats interested in them.


#4 Give Your Cat a Makeover

Last but not least, cleaning those ears, trimming those cute claws and brushing their fur are all great ways to bond with your cats.


Plus, no smell is more soothing than freshly baked goods and baking allows us to celebrate some sort of recreational bounty. Heat the oven and whip up a batch of cookies!


Photos from our customers, Virginia S. and Courtney C.

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