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How to Build A Well-Stocked Cat First Aid Kit

Curiosity often gets the better of cats, and injury is a common result.

Having a well-rounded feline first aid kit close at hand can help you more confidently manage any health problems your cats encounter until you can get them to the vet.


Here are the most frequently used first aid items for cats:

  • Paperwork: Phone numbers for your vet and nearby emergency-veterinary clinics. Also keep a copy of medical records including vaccinations and any pertinent health information.
  • Gauze: To wrap wounds and muzzle injured cats.
  • Non-stick bandages: To cover and bandage burns, cuts, and other wounds.
  • Adhesive tape: To secure gauze or non-stick bandages.
  • Antibiotic ointment: To protect against bacterial infections on minor wounds.
  • Blunt-end scissors: To cut fur that's covering up a wound, or to free cats trapped in some kind of entanglement.
  • Rectal thermometer: To gauge fever in cats.
  • Petroleum jelly: To lubricate the thermometer.
  • Eye wash: To clean irritated eyes.
  • Eye dropper: To give oral treatments or flush wounds.
  • Towel: To wrap up cats for restraint or comfort.
  • Tweezers: To remove foreign materials including ticks.
  • Disposable gloves: To protect your hands and protect wounds from getting contaminated.


*Remember to consult your vet before attempting any treatment at home and make sure to keep an eye on the expiration dates of supplies.



Source: PetMD

Featured image by Markus Distelrath