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Choosing Healthy Cat Treats

As feeding your cats with treats, even as positive reinforcement, can easily stack on the calories and treats should only make up 10% of your cats' diet, you should aim to buy healthy treats, specifically formulated for them.

We will cover the factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best cat treats and the most common types of cat treats.


Feed moderately

The frequency with which you give your cats treats will have a great impact on their health. Be sure to provide them with just the right amount of treats. It should comprise around 10% of your cats' diet and shouldn't replace their main meal.


Read the label and ingredients

Read the label of cat treats thoroughly. Buying treats is no different from buying their main food. Educate yourself to differentiate which is good for your cats and which is not. If your cats are allergic to certain ingredients, avoid them at all costs. If there's a whole paragraph of ingredients you don't recognise, forgo those treats for ones with simpler ingredients and various minerals and vitamins that may be lacking in your cats' diet. Check out the serving size and be sure it works well with your cats' dietary needs.


Choose wisely

Avoid treats with lots of artificial ingredients, such as additives, sweeteners, colours etc. Keeping cats lean and healthy requires managing their intake of nutrients, so it is important to be careful about only providing your cats with the specific ingredients most beneficial for them. There are treats backed by natural vegetable products added to provide texture, protein, and other benefits. Take into consideration your cats' health needs, age, and weight. It is also important to choose something that you know your cats will love.


Check with your vet

If your cats have special dietary needs or you need specific recommendations, consult with your vet.

  • Crunchy treats contain a range of ingredients and can be an excellent supplement to any cats' diet.
  • Soft treats often have more pungent smells, which may attract picky cats, and are a good choice for older cats or cats with dental issues. 
  • Freeze-dried/dehydrated treats usually contain meats like poultry or fish and can be a good source of high-quality protein for cats.
  • Cat grass and catnip are fantastic treats for cats as they are some of the healthiest cat treats available. Cat grass can be particularly good for indoor cats and older cats. In addition to pleasing your cats, it provides a safe and vitamin-packed snack for cats, serving as a natural laxative to aid their digestive system.



Source: PetMD

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