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6 Common Cat Sleeping Positions And What They Mean

Did you know your cats' snoozing style can tell you a lot about their feelings and the way they perceive their surroundings?

The following list breaks down the most commonly seen cat sleeping positions and unfolds the signs your cats are telling you.


Curled up

When your cats are curling up into a crescent with their head tucked in toward their chest and the tail in an elegant swoop around their body, it means they are looking to stay protected. This position also allows your cats to conserve their own body heat whilst protecting their vulnerable organs.


Half-closed eyes

Your cats are in light sleep and ready to instantly react to anything that happens around them. This position is typical for newly adopted cats residing in families with boisterous kids and indicates your cats did not let their guard down and they are not getting proper sleep.



This leg-tucked-under position means your cats are ready to spring into action, but they are mostly enjoying their comfortable surroundings.



This position is a relaxation mode which usually results in a longer and deeper sleep and conveys that your cats feel secure and at peace.



Cats use this strange sleeping position because it's very comfortable for them. When your cats are twisted up with their limbs in all possible positions and their head at a strange angle in relation to the body, it gives the depiction of a spread-eagled pretzel.


Belly up

If your cats are sleeping with their belly up in a hilariously straddled position, it means they are feeling 100% secure and elated and is also the definitive sign of trust in you and the environment.


How do your cats sleep?



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