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5 Toys That Are Purrr-fect for Your Feline Friend [Pt. 2]

The many benefits of environmental enrichment include developing the bond between you and your cats, promoting their mental and physical stimulation, and satisfying their hunting instincts, and cats with plenty of enrichment in their environment are more likely to expend their energy appropriately.


Play strengthens your relationship with your cats, which can even lead to better-behaved cats, and toys can also help create positive feelings around other cats.


Play time is an important aspect of your cats' healthy development and making sure they are active and entertained. Cats can quickly get bored if they don't have enough stimulation. Toys are a great way to stave off boredom, burn off energy, and not engage in anxious or destructive behaviour. Try a variety of toys to see what works best.

Hunting instinct

Cats are predators, which means they have a strong hunting instinct. Toys that engage this hunting instinct, such as wands or mice, can be especially fun for cats.


It can be hard to choose toys that your cats will actually use. So, it's a good idea to buy your cats a variety of toys of different types.

We've compiled 5 of the best cat toys that add a new dimension to your cats' environment and pique their interest.


Feather toys are good for engaging cats' hunting instincts. Feathers often remind cats of birds or other prey. If your cats spend a lot of time in the windows looking out at birds, the beautiful feathers that adorn this toy will mesmerise your cats. Give your cats some much-needed exercise by dangling the feathers for them to chase.



It's time that you put more effort into getting your cats' toys that are both fun and chic. These toys are designed especially to encourage your cats' primal hunting behaviour, with a tempting feather to grab and are also pretty enough that you may not mind as much if your cats leave them all over the living room.



No list of cat toys would be complete without mentioning catnip toys. If your cats are a chewer, then channel the destructive energy into toys. Your cats will have a blast with these cutesy catnip acorns.



This toy can do great things for cats that are overeating or eating too quickly, whilst also stimulating their brains as they figure out how to get at their treat. This simple, affordable treat toy can entice your cats into play mode. The sound of the treats rattling around inside will also keep your cats engaged.



This tunnel offers a great space for your cats to run, chase, hide, rest and play. A dangling plush ball that your cats can bat away at and hole in the middle of the tunnel that they can pop their head through are perfectly placed for extra excitement. Made of high-quality suede and sturdy frame, it pops out accordion-style and also folds down very easily for transport and storage.


Remember that any loose parts could pose a risk to your cats, so periodically inspect their toys to ensure that everything is intact and safe for playtime.

For a toy to be truly enriching, it must also be novel to your cats. Rotate your cats' toys in and out of sight. Try marinating toys in a zipper bag filled with catnip to renew your cats' interest.

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