10 Of The Funniest Gifs Where Cats Show Their True Catty Sides 😼

June 13, 2018

1. I am your master, pup!

2. BAM! Surprise snow attack!

3. When hair envy goes too far.

"Human 2, fetch the scissors!"

4. I'll wipe that smile off your face baby!

5. You guys sound like a bag of cats!

Stop immediately!

6. There is room for only one cat in this house.

Goodbye, friend. 

7. When gift envy goes bad.

"Hey, how come all I got was a new bowtie?!"

8. "Oops, didn't see you there😼"

She knows exactly what's up though!

9. Hands off... it's ALL mine.

10. Hey doggo, I'm meant to be the fluffiest in this household!

And finally some karma for the kitty species courtesy of this very energetic gibbon!




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