Pawsome Light Up Cat Fan & Humidifier

  • Say meow to your coolest friend this summer! Featuring a super cool light up glass body it provides the perfect ambience in the evening. To use simply connect via any USB power source and enjoy a lovely cooling mist.

    Add some essential oils to the water for a relaxing sleep time experience!

    Available in 4 colors: Blue, White, Purple & Pink

    Set Includes:

    1 x Humidifier 

    1 x Attachable LED Light

    1 x Attachable Fan

    1 x USB Cable


    1) Unscrew Top

    2) Pour in water

    3) Plug the USB into laptop/computer/plug/usb outlet

    4) Turn on to enjoy the cooling mist

    5) Add the LED Light/Fan attachment as desired

  • Pawsome Coutures offers a really generous flat-rate of $2.50 for all orders or free standard shipping for orders over $30. Express Fedex options are available on orders over $50.

    Head over to our shipping page for more info.

  • Part of profits will go towards supporting cat rescue organizations

    Help us spread awareness!! <3

    2019 is a big year for everyone at Pawsome Couture and we want you to be a part of it! 

    We are going to be donating part of profits directly towards to cat rescues and cat shelters in need.

     If you have any recommendations please reach out to us :)