Cat Face Knee Leggings (Childrens)

Light Grey
Dark Grey
4 Great Reasons to buy from us:
These adorable leggings features a cat face and cat ear decals on the knees- they are made of a super soft wool blend and come in 4 colors and 5 size options.
Material: Wool Blend
Colors: Light Grey, Dark Grey, Brown, Blue
Style: Tights/ Leggings /Pants
Size Guide:
Size                Waist                 Pant Length         Age
 2T/ 90          19cm/7.48"          47cm/18.5"           2-3Y
3T/100          20cm/7.87"          52cm/20.5"           3-4Y
4T/110          21cm/8.26"          58cm/22.8"           4-5Y
5T/120          23cm/9.05"          62cm/24.4"           5-6Y
6T/130          24cm/9.45"          67cm/26.4"           6-7Y

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