China New Year Sale & Shipping Delays

After an extra busy holiday season these past 2 months, our processing and manufacturing facilities will be closed for a well deserved break until the 23rd of February to celebrate China New Year!

To celebrate with you and our many overseas partners, here are our special offers running until the 22nd of February.

Use code NEWYEAR10 for 10% off your entire order 

Use code NEWYEAR15for 15% off orders > $40

Use code NEWYEAR20 for 20% off orders > $80

Use code NEWYEAR30 for 30% off orders > $150

To activate these codes, simply enter them in the checkout page discount box.

Shipping Delays:

As a knock on effect, our suppliers and shipping carriers will have minor delays until everything reopens on the 23rd.

You can still order as normal if you're happy with a short delay :) Orders between the 5th until the 22nd will be subject to delays until our facilities reopen again on Friday the 23rd.

Please email us with any questions or queries :)


Toria @ Pawsome Couture